We at ABITRON aim to make the machine operation more efficient, safer and more economic with our versatile and high quality safety radio remote controls. The wishes and demands of our customers are our top level priority. They challenge us und provide us with an unlimited potential for innovation. We strive to support our customers at the highest possible technical level. ABITRON belongs to the leading manufacturers of high quality safety radio remote controls.


In 1982, Max Heckl started to develop the first radio remote controls in a small workshop in Langquaid. In the following 20 years to come the electronics master and his team consistently created innovative radio remote controls, which successfully control your machines, cranes and vehicles to this day. With a lot of diligence and commitment he created a globally operating company to be at your service worldwide. As ABITRON, we continue to meet our great demands of close cooperation with our customers to have the tailor-made control solution for them.

Your Advantages

Experience aND Competence

Our team of employees has been active in the R&D, production, sales and service of safety radio remote controls for up to over 30 years. Every year, thousands of safety radio remote controls leave our factories. Every single one of our products benefits from our many years of industry experience and comprehensive specialist knowhow.

Excellence in Quality

Safety, reliability, and ongoing further development form the cornerstones of our quality policy. Every one of our employees knows and supports our single-minded focus on quality, which is further reinforced by having 100% of all products quality-tested. Our products are examined and certified by the latest European and international safety standards.

Research aND development

Research and Development are our key aims. Considering that Germany is a major leader in the technology sector, we decided to re-establish our R&D activities on our central locations in Germany and Austria and not to maintain any R&D activities outside of Europe. This will allow us to even better appoint our specialists and our longtime expertise to your full benefit. Moreover, we intend to accelerate our activities in this area on a long-term basis through massive investments. 

Tailored Solutions

At our production locations in Germany and Austria, we would like to implement your unique requirements, regardless if you buy 1 system or 500 systems. Our technically highly qualified personnel works together with you to develop the technically and economically best solution for your application.

International Service and Support

What use is the best radio remote control in the world if your customer has questions about it and needs support as soon as possible on the other side of the world? To this end, you may take advantage of our network of authorised ABITRON service partners, which are trained by us on a regular basis in order to assist you and your customers on-site with equal competence and commitment. We are currently working on growing our network and looking for new partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact ABITRON in Austria or Germany directly.

Our customer support is of course also prepared to assist you with any questions or services – for example modifications or repairs – you may have regarding our current and future products.