Our team relies on up to 30 years of experience with radio remote controls for construction applications. The construction crane was one of the first applications and soon after, the construction crane remote controls from Langquaid have counted amongst the leading radio remote controls in the sector. ABITRON still offers the construction crane standard set that was previously available from ABITRON Germany and ABITRON Central Eastern Europe. Instead of the RX 22 HL and the RX 30 HL, the standard set comes with the TÜV approved RX 26+ now.

The ABITRON construction crane standard (NOVA-M and NOVA-L) can be implemented for many crane brands of any manufacturer. The special cable acts as an interface between the standard radio remote control and the crane.  Detailed information about the possible crane types can be found in our resource centre in the cable list. This standard impresses today as it did then with impeccable delivery times, easy installation, and economic efficiency.

NOVA product series

Construction crane standard set (HD-6-2) consists of:

ABITRON has proven useful not only with construction cranes, but also with numerous other applications at construction sites. Even the use at multiple locations, where the carrier frequency may already be occupied by another application, is easily feasible for ABITRON safety radio remote controls. Various ABITRON frequency management options ensure universal applicability.

Thanks to their robust structure, ABITRON safety radio remote controls can be used on construction sites in rough, dirty and dusty environments without having to worry about safety. Our systems are protected against dust and water (IP 65), and come equipped with a breathable GoreTex membrane. Accumulated condensation is transported outwards without any moisture or dust penetrating into the device. The receiver can of course also be installed inside a switch cabinet, complete with a separate antenna.

Should your required application not be listed here, then ABITRON will also be able to provide a customised solution matching your requirements. Simply contact us by phone, fax, or email, and we will be happy to offer advice.