With a safety radio remote control from ABITRON, you control all of your vehicle’s functions with precision and a high degree of efficiency.

ABITRON safety radio remote controls find broad application in the area of specialist vehicles. From the control of individual functions to the propulsion of the entire vehicle - the use of safety radio remote controls always makes work considerably easier, as the operator has a clear line of sight to his application, and will always be positioned at a safe distance from the machinery.

As an ABITRON client, you will benefit from the vast experience of our employees not only in the sector for municipal vehicles, but also for many other applications in 12V or 24V models. ABITRON is furthermore e1-certified for the installation of a safety radio remote control on your vehicle. In the area of vehicle interfaces, ABITRON can rely on comprehensive experience with the most common BUS systems. You can choose to display vehicle parameters, and program these parameters freely via feedback to the display or LEDs.

An important benefit for you is the ability to select a charger option. The charger can either be connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle, or with flat plug  directly installed in the vehicle , so that you will always have a fully charged backup battery pack at hand. In case that you may have forgotten to charge the backup battery, you can also use regular batteries, which can be inserted into the battery compartment. The practical backup battery pack system and long battery life of the packs will guarantee smooth operation without any downtimes for your application.

ABITRON safety radio remote control devices are also perfectly suited for outdoor applications in any weather conditions. Our systems are protected against dust and water (IP 65), and come equipped with a breathable GoreTex membrane. Accumulated condensation is transported outwards without any moisture or dust penetrating into the device. A mounting of the receiver outdoors is therefore not a problem. And the receiver can even be mounted inside the vehicle, as it comes with an antenna extension with TNC antenna screw fastener.

Application examples

Should your required application not be listed here, then ABITRON will also be able to provide a customised solution matching your requirements. Simply contact us by phone, fax, or email, and we will be happy to offer advice.