For maximum safety while operating your application, ABITRON offers a range of tested and newly developed safety functions.

tilt switch A tilt switch is used to detect the inclination of the transmitter or the operator. You can specify the angle and time at which a signal is triggered. Time and angle can be set separately in each direction in the X and Y axes. The Z axis is fixed.
two-hand operation ABITRON’s two-hand operation ensures that both of the user’s hands are on the radio transmitter. Only then, it is possible to operate the machine.
enabling switch With our joystick controls, an enabling switch can be integrated, which is available in two-stage and three-stage versions.
push to operate Another safety feature is the function push to operate. It can be provided either in the joystick (with a pushbutton) or as a separate pushbutton anywhere on the transmitter.
login/logout The login/logout option is mainly needed for tandem and master systems where multiple transmitters are used. Here, it is possible to have up to 15 transmitters and up to 255 receivers. This security feature ensures that only one control panel is logged on.
emergency stop At ABITRON, the emergency stop is designed as a turn-lockable pushbutton (dual-channel). It puts your machine in safe condition during dangerous situations.