Proven in rough continuous operation

The GL, GR and EURO transmitters have proven themselves successful under rough conditions for many years now. With their straight and clean layout all three transmitters are designed for a maximum of clarity and functionality and they can easily accommodate all of your machine’s functions. GL, GR and EURO also feature an extremely stable enclosing railing, which protects the transmitters from accidental operation in case of an impact. With their optional neck, belly or shoulder belts these models can be comfortably worn and operated despite their size.


Extremely robust and durable transmitter

The GL transmitter model has been manufactured in our plants in high quantities for many years and has proven its worth in heavy-duty continuous operation over many years. You can use push-buttons, toggle switches, rotary knobs, rotary switches, rotary potentiometers, and joysticks (digital / proportional) for command execution in your digital or proportional applications. The ergonomic and accessible design of the radio remote control with a transmission surface facing the operator allows optimised access to all operating elements.

Protection Class IP 65
Weight approx. 1400g
Dimensions (W/D/H) 297 x 180 x 183 mm
Battery technology exchangeable battery, NiMH


Very tough and versatile transmitter

The GR transmitter stands out as an extremely robust and stable model. Its all-round rubberisation between the upper and lower part of the transmitter housing offers additional protection for your radio remote control. The practical design of the GR offers sufficient space for a multitude of functions, for example excavator joysticks, joysticks, rotary potentiometers and many more. Feedback to LEDs or LCD provides key data about the operating status of your machine.


Protection Class IP 65
Weight approx. 2500g
Dimensions (W/D/H) 290 x 200 x 135 mm
Battery technology exchangeable battery, NiMH


absolute reliability

The user interface of the EURO transmitter is designed even more generously than that of the GR transmitter. Here you will have sufficient space to neatly arrange all your required machine functions side by side on the transmitter. Even excavator joysticks can optionally be implemented in this transmitter. Feedback via LED or LCD display shows the most important data about the operating status of your machine. A shoulder strap or chest harness for the radio remote control ensures optimised wearer comfort, and a surrounding protective ridge prevents accidental activation in case of impact on the ground.

Protection Class IP 65
Weight approx. 5500g
Dimensions (W/D/H) 425 x 235 x 120 mm
Battery technology exchangeable battery, NiMH