The receiver is the link between the transmitter and the machine in your radio remote control system. Incoming control commands from the transmitter are decrypted here, and the relevant signals are then forwarded to the control unit of the machine or vehicle. The control functions for ABITRON receivers are freely configurable ex works.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and easy mounting of the receiver

  •  Receiver installation optionally outdoors (IP 65), in a control cabinet or in a vehicle

  • Polyamide and glass fibre housing

  • Robust and impact-resistant housing

  • Compact housing (HS1, HS2)

  • External receiver antenna for optional integration into switching cabinets or in vehicles (TNC antenna screw connection)

  • Relay outputs, transistor outputs or voltage outputs

  • Analogue, digital, and serial data feedback to the transmitter

  • Tandem system (login function)

  • Various plug connections available

  • Many other customised solutions individually realizable

Depending on interface, number of functions and position on the machine, the following receivers are available:


The RX CP receiver is small and compact, and comes equipped with five output relays, which can be tapped potential-free on an 11-pole standard pin base. The 11-pin plug on the housing ensures fast installation and service-friendliness of your ABITRON radio remote control.

Technical Data Sheet

RX 14+ / 26+

This ABITRON receiver model comes in a compact and highly robust and shock-resistant housing. Their up to 26 output relays allow for use in highly versatile applications. The screw-type terminal strips offer easy cable connections.  

Technical Data Sheet


The ABITRON RX ES BUS receiver is a small and compact device. In the area of vehicle interfaces, ABITRON can rely on comprehensive experience with the most common BUS systems, e.g. CAN-BUS, PROFIBUS RS 232/ 485, ProfiNET. This receiver can optionally be configured for feedback so see the important data on you radio remote control. 

Technical Data Sheet

RX BMS 1 / BMS 2

These two receiver models are ideally suited for the control of current and voltage-controlled hydraulic valves. They find application mainly in vehicle technology. Status displays on the ABITRON receiver housing will keep you up to date on the current status of your radio remote control. Individual speed adjustments via the quick set function can be carried out at any time. 

Technical Data Sheet BMS 1                              Technical Data Sheet BMS 2

RX Modular (MOD)

The RX MOD is a modularly expandable receiver and has found countless application possibilities for many years. The ABITRON receiver is available with various housing sizes, and can be equipped with any number of proportional and digital output modules in a modular kit system, making it an ideal companion for customised radio remote control. This receiver will only contain the modules actually needed for your application! 

Technical Data Sheet


The RX TGA/TGB-22 is a robust receiver, which is mainly used in the industry. Due to his triple self-monitoring emergency stop contacts it is certified according to ISO 13849-1 (up to PLe) and provides a maximum of safety.

Technical Data Sheet

You have already decided on a specific transmitter, and are now looking for a matching receiver for your ABITRON radio remote control? Our sales team is standing by to help you find your way around the many ABITRON options to make your application even more safe and economical!