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Please remember to include the system number of the transmitter and receiver when you contact ABITRON regarding repairs, maintenance work, or spare parts. You will find the system number on the type plate, which is located on the outside of the transmitter or receiver of the remote control.

Our customer support in Germany and Austria is of course also prepared to assist you with any questions or services – for example modifications or repairs – you may have regarding our current and future products.


Stefan Offenbeck
+49 (9452) 189-701 Fon
+49 (9452) 189-271 Fax
Stefan Höglmeier
+49 (9452) 189-711 Fon
+49 (9452) 189-271 Fax
Daniel Mayer
+49 (9452) 189-721 Fon
+49 (9452) 189-271 Fax


ABITRON Austria GmbH
+43 (7723) 44860-0 Fon
+43 (7723) 44860-474 Fax

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